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Linda Gray Philanthropy  

Linda Gray - U.N. Goodwill Ambassador
Linda Gray was the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador to promote women's rights from 1997- 2007

A very large part of Linda's career and personal life is taken up by many worthwhile charities and endeavers that she personally believes in.

Among her many philanthropic causes was being the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador from 1997 to 2007. She was involved in women and children's health issues and traveled globally to speak to women about how the U.N could assist in their issues as mother's, sitting face to face with them in their villages.

Best Buddies programs for people with intellectual challenges is one of Linda's favorite charities. Linda and her son took part in a bike ride from the JFK Library to the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port as part of the Hyannis Port Challenge Ride, which benefits The Rosemary Fund that gives grants to Best Buddies.

Ford Moter Company donated ground up tires for the riding arena at RIDE ON ... a progam that gives horseback rides to those who are physically challenged. The rubber in the arenas gave a smoother ride for the individuals and the horses.

On this page you wil be able to learn more about many of the programs Linda personally supports.

Linda Gray Speaks for Meals on Wheels

"I had the most amazing time in Washington, DC speaking about the need for everyone to get onboard and support Meals on Wheels. There were things I learned that made it even more important and urgent to look closely at this amazing organization. It was the week before Mother's Day and it was an honor to be with Enid Borden, the CEO of Meals on Wheels, and listen to her impassioned vision of what must be done in this country for our seniors. I thought that the seniors were getting three meals a day but learned on my visit to Washington that they only get one meal a day for five days per week. Nothing on the weekends!

Some seniors are at home alone with no one to feed them. They cannot cook for themselves so they rely on Meals on Wheels to bring the food to them.

I went into the kitchen in Richmond, Virginia last year; cooked with the kitchen crew; helped load the van and off we went to deliver the food to these lovely people who mostly live alone. The volunteers who deliver the food may be the only people they see in a day! Pretty humbling and amazing. I sat with such beautiful people who loved telling me their stories about their children; their lives and their love for Meals on Wheels.

There are 10,000 people turning 65 every day! Seniors are to be honored and respected for their value; their wisdom and their worth. Why are other cultures so far ahead of us?

Pictures of LInda Gray at Meals On Wheels

Pictures of Linda Gray in Africa

Linda Gray Speaks for Meals on Wheels

In June I was blessed to travel to Malawi, Africa to distribute bags of food to children in need. To see their eyes and watch them smile as you handed them a bag of food that would feed them for a month was life changing.

It was with an organization called Force for Good.

Linda Gray working with Force For Good - Official Website of Linda Gray
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